Triple Play, Precious

Triple Play, Precious
By Chris Faulkner
Thursday, Dec 4, 2014

It was a dark and stormy night night. Suddenly a shot rang out! Precious jumped onto the table. Golden eyes wide, her ears looked like radar antennas as she quickly looked around. She turned left, then right. After a moment she settled in for a nap by some sodas next to the laptop .

Suddenly, another shot rang out! That is to say, you would have thought it was a gunshot by the way she jumped. Her large, fluffy tail quickly launched the contents of the soda into the air. In the same second, she turned and her ample bottom wiped out a cup of tea and a bottle of water! Still in the same second, she spun around again as the liquid medley described a 360 degree arc in space.

Precious! yelled Sharon as the triple play landed square in her lap. The kitty disappeared over the other end of the table, as Dad laughed and shouted Triple play, precious!